Please keep in touch and keep me informed as to how your Ragdoll kitten is developing and getting used to their new happy furever homes. I have received many photographs from clients, of which I am grateful, showing kittens they have acquired from Osoragdolls that have grown into especially beautiful cats.

I would love to hear about how these babies’ personalities have developed as well…please leave us a review.  

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 by Brooke
Thank you forever, Jamie!

I am seriously so happy to share my fantastic experience with the cat breeder who brought Blue into my life. From Austin, Texas, to Seattle, Washington, the journey was filled with joy and positivity, thanks to this amazing breeder.

What stood out to me was the breeder's communication, checking in regularly to ensure I felt prepared and comfortable. It made the entire process even more enjoyable and stress-free.

Blue, my sweet traditional blue seal point kitten, is an absolute gem, and it's evident that he was raised with an abundance of love and care. Meeting him for the first time was pure delight – not only is he a handsome little guy, but his heartwarming personality shines through.

One thing that amazed me is the evident training and exposure Blue received. He was fully potty trained from the get-go, making the transition into our home seamless. Additionally, his gentle play showcases the breeder's commitment to nurturing well-behaved and socialized kittens.

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jamie for making this experience so positive and for the evident effort she puts into training and exposing her kittens. Blue has become an integral part of my family, and I wholeheartedly recommend this breeder to anyone seeking a furry bundle of joy. If you want a cat that brings happiness and warmth into your home, along with a touch of training magic, this breeder is the one to choose. Thanks again for making my cat adoption journey so incredibly joyful! 🌟🐾

Dear Brooke and Kyle,Thank you so much for your stellar review about Blue. I am so delighted to hear that he has had a seamless transition into your home. I am also very happy to know he has adjusted so smoothly with you both. It brings me much joy to know that his sweet personality has stolen your hearts over completely. His sweet presence in our home is missed, but I am so thankful for your updates and pictures of him. It truly means a lot to us. I want to also extend my heartfelt thanks, to you both, for making the trip all the way from your home in Texas, to us here in Seattle, Washington. What an honor it has been to serve you with Mr. Blue, aka Mr. Charmer. Please keep the updates coming, as time permits. We appreciate and greatly value each and every one of them. Wishing you all a very happy 2024! All the best, Jamie

 by Felipe

Hello, I want to thank Osoragdolls, especially Jaime Soule, for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to have my Kitten 🐈Luna🌜 and who will be part of my family. It has changed my life. Jaime, thank you very much for all the advice and for always being there, you are an incredible woman. you can always count on me. God bless you🙏 and your family. all the best😉

Dear Felipe,Thank you so much for your thoughtful review. I greatly appreciate all your support and kind words. It is such a joy to know that Luna has been such a wonderful companion for you. Thank you for all your questions to help Luna in her transition with you. You know I am always here for you. I look forward to more updates on Ms. Luna. Muchas gracias, Felipe.

 by Ana
So Pleased with Our Choice

My whole experience of getting a kitten from Jamie was positive. I started corresponding with her during the summer, and our kitten wouldn't be ready to come home with us until January, but during all that time in between, Jamie checked in regularly. I got to see photos of him with his siblings shortly after they were born (they looked like water balloons), then steadily growing baby shots. From the minute Jamie handed little Victor over, he was excited to be with us. I realize that every cat has their own personality (and Victor certainly does), but he also matches the descriptions I’ve read about the ragdoll breed: he’s friendly to everyone, including our other two cats, and curious and mellow but playful. At his first visit to our vet, the doctor was really impressed with him and especially remarked that he was well socialized. She told me she’d been a little worried when I first said I was getting a cat from a breeder, because she’s seen a lot of supposedly purebred kittens delivered in very bad shape. Not Victor, though! He’s already more than twice the size he was when he first came home with us, and I’m very curious to see him grow the rest of the way. He’s a fantastic addition to our family!

Dear Ana,Thank you kindly for your beautiful review regarding Victor Charlie. I appreciate and deeply value your positive review. I am so happy that Victor Charlie has fit into your family with such ease. It gives me great joy seeing him together with your other cats. I also love your continued updates, and pictures. Please keep me updated as time allows.

 by Julia Yang-Snyder
Oso Ragdolls Rocks!!

I have purchased several purebred cats directly from breeders and based on my experience, Jamie is a delight to deal with--knowledgeable, friendly and understanding. She cares deeply for the well-being of the kittens coming from her "cattery" and will make the transition from her home to yours as seamless as possible. I purchased "Mopsy" for my 95 year-old mother in December 2021. Mopsy is the first ragdoll that my family has owned, and I firmly believe that people who don't like cats have never owned a ragdoll; ragdolls are the best! Mopsy is a blue bi-color and is the "purrfect" companion. She is social and affectionate (for a cat) and everyone in the household (including the caregivers) LOVES MOPSY!! Now that Mopsy is 21 months old, she is almost full grown, weighing a touch over ten pounds and has classic bi-color markings with striking cerulean blue eyes. Additionally, her mane is coming in, making her look like the regal queen that she is. Would unreservedly recommend Oso Ragdolls to anyone who is looking to purchase a ragdoll!!

Dear Julia,Thank you so much for this stellar review. I am so happy that Mopsy is doing fantastic with you and your dear Mother. I appreciate and value your feedback very much. My family and I enjoy receiving Mopsy's updated pictures very much. What a delightful beauty! Please continue the updates, as time allows. Thank you kindly.

 by Linda
Love my Sierra Blue

So grateful for Osaraggdolls! All along the way after Sierra’s birth, Jaime kept me up to date with how he was doing. Jaime is so knowledgeable and loves her cats and care deeply for them as well as me as a client! She helped answer so many questions I had, suggested great items to help me with him, and continues even now to answer questions. Jaime was so very loving and caring with him, and I am so grateful for the excellent start Sierra Blue had with her. My mother passed away a day before I went to pick him up, and he has been such an amazing joy since I brought him home, during this time of grief! He is now 5 months and almost 8 pounds! He is so handsome, and the softest kitty I have ever petted! He is a real character, and loves to play and sit high on his cat tree, and follows me wherever I go. I love my boy so much ! Thank you so much again OSA Ragdolls for everything! ❤️💙🏔 Linda

Linda, thank you so much for your kind words and positive feedback regarding Mr. Sierra Blue! We are so grateful for you, our dear customer. We are also very appreciative of your updates and continued communication about Sierra Blue. I look forward to hearing more of your beautiful updates about Sierra Blue.

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