Frequently Asked Questions

Your kitten comes with a TICA Breeder Slip, a one-year health guarantee against any genetic disorders, spay/neuter, comprehensive vet exam, age appropriate vaccinations and worming medicine.

Yes, your kitten will be fully box trained. We use softwood pine pellets, which are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe to humans and pets.

Dry and wet foods are given to our cats. Purified water is also recommended.

A slow introduction to all family members will make for an easier transition. We recommend a small room for one week where the litter box is kept before letting the kitten out freely into the entire home, keeping excess doors closed while you are gone.

Yes, we start this process early on, massaging their paws and gently trimming the tips of their nails. This should be done on a weekly basis. Your kitten will also need a cat tree to use.

We place our kittens at 12 – 13 weeks of age.
7. Are there discounts for two kittens? Absolutely! It is our preference to place two kittens together, as it is in their best interests.

We welcome a thorough phone interview to determine/assist which kitten would be best fit for you and your family dynamics.

There has been a lot of recent scammers the past several years. We would like to assure any potential customer that we are registered with and you can find us listed as a Ragdoll breeder for Washington State. also has a great, in-depth article discussing the matter, and we encourage you to view the contents of discussion on the matter.

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